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How To Plant A Catus

14 Jan

How to plant cactusI found using tongs to be the best way to plant a cactus. thanks to a friend of mine who told me this after I had pricks coming through my garden gloves!  All you need is a pair of inexpensive metal tongs and patience!

Mostly all cactus will root from breaking a piece off of the mother cactus,  Grab the tongs and gently tug a piece off, then place in a mixture of soil and sand, and water a little bit.

To decorate place small stones or rocks in the pot and place in a sunny location!


Planting cactus



Raised Beds and Uninvited Guests!

14 Jan

We installed some raised beds for gardening.  However the garden attracted some uninvited guests who came to dinner and ate all the carrot tops, broccoli, lettuce and radishes. So we had to come up with something to keep out the unwanted guests without harming them.  After all, they are cute and I love watching them play in the back yard.  But, again they are quite sneaky waiting and watching for when I turn my back!   They also like Germaniums.  Who knew!

Mr Squirrel eating my Geraniums



This is what we came up with.  All I have to do is lift it to get at my plants!  Mr. Squirrel has been trying his hardest to figure out how to get into the garden!



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