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Basic Home Gym

25 Nov

The days are shorter and colder and we tend to eat and nibble way too much!  The gym is too crowded and/or too far away, therefore we lose the motivation to workout.  Here is an easy fix to get your gym time in without leaving the house.  All you need is some basic items and a small corner of any room.  You can find all this for under $100!  Why not give it a try, and do a few sets in between baking, cooking and nibbling!

  1. Stability Ball  – for many routines, such as wall squats, core exercises and chest presses with dumbbells. ($25)
  2. Dumbbells – to help build muscle, triceps, biceps, chest, squats etc. (two 3lb $6)
  3. Resistance bands – use these bands to replace dumbbells, which you can control the resistance. ($10 for both)
  4. Weighted Medicine ball – use for core exercises, squats, and sit ups. ($20)
  5. Yoga Matt – use the matt for stretching, and yoga poses. ($20)
Photo by: Susan T's Kitchen

Everything you need for a home gym.


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